IN-QPSA User Guide


The Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment (IN-QPSA) is a collaborative project of the Indiana Afterschool Network, Indiana Department of Education and experts in the education, business and youth development fields. The tool was developed based on requests from afterschool and summer program providers seeking to implement and track their progress using the Indiana Afterschool Standards.

What is the IN-QPSA?

The IN-QPSA is an online self-assessment tool that enables youth programs to rate their performance based on the Indiana Afterschool Standards.

The tool allows you to:

  • Choose which standards you want to assess.
  • Rate how well your program meets each standard.
  • Start the assessment and complete over time.
  • Use online or print stakeholder surveys.
  • Generate automated reports for organization and/or program site(s).
  • Generate an automated action plan.
  • Track your program results over time and compare progress.

What is the purpose of the IN-QPSA?

This online self-assessment is for youth-serving programs/organizations that want to:

  1. Identify and understand the factors that support or inhibit top performance.
  2. Take action and make positive changes.
  3. Continue to grow, learn and improve.
  4. Maximize positive impact for staff, youth, families, and community partners.

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